Monday, June 29, 2015

Nursery Plants Transportation

Another perfect use for the PRFect Shelving system is for transporting plants produced and sold by nurseries to retailers and markets. The system can hold a variety of plants, making it possible for the space of the box truck to be utilized efficiently. And if there are larger plants to be transported, the shelves can be folded up against the wall for convenience. The PRFect Shelving system is the solution for optimizing space for all spaces, including transporting plants in box trucks.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


UPS is exploring the idea of using the PRFect Shelving system in their seasonal rental trucks to solve a problem that has existed for a hundred years, literally. When loading the rental trucks with seasonal package volume, there has never been a reliable and efficient way to organize and segregate the load efficiently, until now. The PRFect Portable, Removable, Foldable Shelving system will solve this problem and transform the seasonal rental truck into an efficient UPS delivery truck for the first time in a century. The one time purchase of the PRF shelving system can be folded and stored, permitting a seasonal use for UPS year after year for another century making the most efficient parcel company in the world even more efficient. PRFect Shelving Solutions is honored for just the consideration of UPS using our system. It sends PRF Shelving a message that the potential is great for the PRFect Shelving system.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Its Time

Its time to take advantage of the latest shelving invention, the portable, universal, aluminum box truck to shed, portable shelving system. It is the only shelving system that can be used in a truck, trailer, or any vehicle, and homes, sheds, garages, and business any time and any place. See it, need it, buy it.