Sunday, May 3, 2015

"There is no spoon" A metaphor for PRF Shelving.

One of my favorite movies is the Matrix, a movie that goes far beyond entertainment, for me anyway. There is a seen where Neo meets this gifted boy who has the ability to bend a spoon with thought. The Boy gives the spoon to Neo and says "It is not the spoon that you are trying to bend; that is impossible. Instead it is the truth around the spoon that causes it to bend." I apply the philosophy in just about everything in my life, including PRFect Shelving Solutions. It is not the shelving systems that I am trying to sell, it is the truth about them that is being shared with the world. PRF Shelving is the first of their kind. They are universal, industrial, aluminum, simple and convenient to use. They are portable and designed for the cargo and storage industry and serve as an efficient tool that eases transporting and storing goods or cargo that must be organized and segregated. They are the PRFect solution for this need, and we are the only ones who make them. This is the truth about PRFect Shelving Solutions, and I am only trying to bend the worlds understanding of them.

The shelves are shelves and I can not change them, but I can change the worlds perception of them through the truth about them. That is true marketing; pretty cool isn't it..

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