Friday, May 29, 2015

Portable Truck Shelving And More

PRFect Shelving Solutions P-ortable R-emovable F-oldable shelving system is perfect for the moving or utility box truck, but it is great for all spaces that need shelving as well. You want it for your garage?The portable PRFect Shelving system is great for the garage. You want it for your inclosed utility trailer? The portable PRFect Shelving system is a great solution. You want it for your storage unit? The portable PRFect Shelving system is the perfect option. The PRFect Shelving (P-ortable              R-empvable F-oldable) shelving system is the perfect solution for all storage and cargo applications.

Garage, to shed, to truck, to trailer, to business portable shelving

If your portable PRFect Shelving System is not needed in your garage, put it in your shed. If its not needed in the shed, put it in your trailer. If its not needed in the trailer, put it in your business. If its not needed in the business, put it in the storage unit. If its not needed any where, fold it up and store it away. The PRFect Shelving System is the most portable, versatile, and universal shelving system on the market and its new.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The PRFect Shelving System With Many Names

The PRFect Shelving system has many names for itself; but one word remains common among all the names, portable. It is the portable box truck shelving system, the portable moving truck shelving system, the portable cargo shelving system, the portable public storage shelving system, the portable garage shelving system, the portable inclosed trailer shelving system, the portable shed shelving system, the portable metal building shelving system, the portable business shelving system, the portable restaurant shelving system, The portable refrigerated truck shelving system. The PRFect Shelving Solution's System is the perfect universal portable shelving system for all applications because it is absolutely limitless to all storage and cargo needs. See it. Need it. Want it. Buy it.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Universal portable shelving

The PRFect Shelving System can go in your home garage. It can go in your shed or work shop. The Portable, Foldable, Removable shelving system can go in your metal building. The PRFect Shelving system can go in your business. It can go in your rental moving truck, your toy hauler, your inclosed trailer, and your public storage unit. The universal portable PRFect Shelving Solutions system can go in restaurant freezers, refrigerated trucks, and any utility, storage, or cargo space that has a need and a wall. The PRFect Shelving system is the only one of its kind, and it is completely universal, portable, and easy to use. See it, want it, buy it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

PFR Shelving Weight Test

We loaded the 8' PRFect Shelving portable system with 26 concrete blocks weighing 37lbs each, totaling almost a thousand pounds. The system did not even begin to show any sign of integrity stress and we were quite pleased. The PRFect Shelving System is perfect, holding as much weight as one can load on it, being portable, for any space, cargo and or storage. It can go in a home garage or shed, business or the back of a truck, or a storage unit. And if it needs to go from one space to another, it can be folded up and moved easily and conveniently.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Marketing PRF Shelving

PRF Shelving took the bold step of approaching the big retailers of the utility, tool, hardware, and industrial retailers. Marketing material has been sent to Grainger, Uline, Northern Tools, Imperial, Global Industrial,  Home Depot, Lowes, and Tractor Supply. Most of these companies will give PRF Shelving access to the world, which is the only way to fly (pun). We are excited of the prospect of this phase of our growth and are ready for the challenge of serving consumers with this unique addition to the world of tools, accessories, and a space, cargo, and storage management device that is simple and convenient to use, compared to nothing; because it is the first of its kind.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Consumer Confidence

When introducing a new product to the consumer, confidence is earned. Expectations of a product being received with open arms by  the public is not always realistic. The consumer will want to know that what he is buying is a ligament product and will do what it says it will do. This responsibility lies on the producer of the product and is a great challenge. But the PRFect Shelving Solution is a tool that will serve the purpose it was designed to do, which is organize, segregate, and maximize cargo and storage space with versatility, portability, convenience and ease. Convincing the consumer of this reality is something that will take time, and time is only a component of the process of success.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Difficult Task

One would think that the inventing process is the difficult part of the business, but it is not. Its the easy part. The real challenge is introducing and convincing to the world that it is a legitimate product, tool or, device, thanks to all the deceit, fraud, and gimmicks that the shysters feed us every day. The fact and the truth is that the PRFect Shelving system is a legitimate tool, device, and product that will serve the world with convenience and simplicity. It is the only universal, portable, industrial shelving system that helps segregate, maximize, and organize cargo and storage in any space that has a wall that it can attach to. It is the optimum solution for this need and its cost is practically free considering the longevity of the system and its unlimited service that it can provide for a lifetime.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Logical Marketing for PRFect Shelving Solutions

What is logical marketing? It is the truth about a product in a series of statements for reasons why it is a useful product and why. For example: The PRFect Shelving System is a new invention. It is a portable, universal, aluminum industrial shelving system. It is designed for the storage and cargo industry. It can be folded up to make room for bulk items, or opened for shelving storage or cargo. It will fit in any space and can be custom designed for any space. The PRF shelving system is easy and convenient to use and is a great tool for organizing, segregating, and maximizing storage and cargo space. It can be used in trucks, trailers, homes, garages, shops, freezers, business, storage units, and more. All these statements are true about PFR shelving and are logical reasons why.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

PFRect Shelving for the home owner

The home owner will inevitably build  some shelving for the garage, shed, work shop, or the barn that is fixed and supported by the wall that limits how much weight can be shelved. Why not have a portable shelving unit that can attach to the wall of any space, hold as much weight as needed because all the force is transferred to the floor through the four legs, can be folded against the wall when not needed, moved to another space, including a trailer or box truck? The PRFect Shelving system is the ideal tool for the home owner and is a permanent solution for all his storage and cargo needs, wether in the home, in his inclosed trailer, or in the moving truck when its time to pick up and move.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Stuff, things, cargo, storage

The world is filled with stuff that people want to store, transport, deliver, organize, segregate, and sell. PRFect Shelving Solutions is the premium tool for al of those things. There is nothing that the PRF Selving system cannot do for someone or some company who needs to ship, deliver, store, or organize merchandise, cargo or goods in some form or another. They can be used in someones garage, shed, mobile business, box truck, rental truck, storage unit, food ruck, or any kind of space that has the need for industrial, portable, foldable, aluminum shelving system that will last for ever and is completely universal.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

"There is no spoon" A metaphor for PRF Shelving.

One of my favorite movies is the Matrix, a movie that goes far beyond entertainment, for me anyway. There is a seen where Neo meets this gifted boy who has the ability to bend a spoon with thought. The Boy gives the spoon to Neo and says "It is not the spoon that you are trying to bend; that is impossible. Instead it is the truth around the spoon that causes it to bend." I apply the philosophy in just about everything in my life, including PRFect Shelving Solutions. It is not the shelving systems that I am trying to sell, it is the truth about them that is being shared with the world. PRF Shelving is the first of their kind. They are universal, industrial, aluminum, simple and convenient to use. They are portable and designed for the cargo and storage industry and serve as an efficient tool that eases transporting and storing goods or cargo that must be organized and segregated. They are the PRFect solution for this need, and we are the only ones who make them. This is the truth about PRFect Shelving Solutions, and I am only trying to bend the worlds understanding of them.

The shelves are shelves and I can not change them, but I can change the worlds perception of them through the truth about them. That is true marketing; pretty cool isn't it..

Friday, May 1, 2015

Labor costs

Labor is a compounding cost that continuously grows while in motion. PRF Shelving is a one time cost, upon which it's value grows by reducing labor.