Friday, May 11, 2018

Initiation By Fire

May 11, 2018  |  P-R-Fect Shelving Solutions

Initiation By Fire

Some things are best left to be learned

Another problem that had to be over come in the development process was errors in precise measurements of the placement of the pan brackets. This was critical because it also served as the leg mounts. They had to be perfectly placed so the shelving system would fold and open cleanly. 

Keep in mind that I was doing much of this design work my self with minimal assistance from fabricators who do this for a living. They cost money. It took three attempts at building the jigs that sufficiently and finally do the job of perfectly placing the brackets in the needed positions on the pans. 

The first jig I made for the job I was initially embarrassed about. But, at this point, and because of the success finally reached, there is no shame now. It was made of wood, and there was quite a bit of time and money invested in it's creation. There was one huge problem with it though; wood, hot metal and welding do not go together very well. As my welder began to use them for the job, the jig began to smolder. The welder of course had his helmet on and could not see that the wood was beginning to catch on fire. I had to stop him; back to the drawing board. 

My welder later told me that he knew the jig was not going to work. I asked him why he did not say something? He said, "Some things are best left to be learned." I later made him a partner in the company. He has become a trusted friend through this process. Thank you Mike Moore for sparing me a little humiliation.

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