Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Q&A with P-R-Fect Shelving Solutions

The journey to today has been amazing, but we wanted to share a little bit of our story with all of you. 

Who Are You?

Hello folks! I am John Conod, inventor of the patented, universal, portable shelving system specifically engineered for the cargo, peak season parcel delivery, and storage industries. We chose the name PRFfect Shelving Solutions for our company which provides our clients with this unique product. It is a name that we purposely selected for our company that "perfectly" reflects the vision and purpose behind our product. P is for Portable, R is for Removable, F is for Foldable. No other company provides a tool of this magnitude for an industry growing as rapidly as the freight and transport industry. The goal is simple: we are introducing a mind blowing solution to a problem that has existed since the beginning of peak season package delivery. I am referring of course to seasonal increased delivery volume resulting from the mad rush for Christmas online purchases. Parcel companies now have a solution for the need of shelving in the thousands of rental trucks used to move the massive online volume. Our shelving system is also aimed at providing an easy solution for the contract driver, who can now purchase a do - it - yourself shelving system for their delivery truck. They no longer have to send out their truck to an expensive, time consuming, inconvenient fabrication company because of our shelving kit provided by PRFect Shelving Solutions.

What Were Your Influences?

Influence was the recognition of a need that seemed obvious to me. I have spent the last 33 years working for the largest package delivery company in the world who desperately struggled moving delivery volume with rental trucks that have no shelving. Time, energy, and valuable resources are wasted every year because the rental trucks used to move the seasonal volume can not be loaded efficiently and to their full capacity with out shelving. The light weight aluminum portable shelving system was invented to aid this industry in their massive responsibility to the world's commerce.

What Was It Like In The Beginning?

The idea occurred to me on my lunch hour at work, and I quickly drew it up on a piece of scrap paper. It seemed so logical and so simple to me. From that moment on I was driven to put this idea into reality, and here it is. I gave my crude drawing to an engineer student I knew at work, who was working part time while going to school. On her off time, and for a school project, she engineered the drawing for me. I then gave the drawings to a local metal works fabrication company who built the very first portable shelving system for me. I had a box truck that I used for another side business at the time and immediately placed the system in the truck. I placed a bunch of weight on it and drove the truck for several weeks. Remarkably, the system did exactly what I had envisioned performing perfectly (there is that word again). I knew I had something big.

Tell Us About Improvements You Have Made Since Then

There was a need to improve the making of the system, to produce it in the most efficient and inexpensive way possible. Around this time my wife Mary became involved and through her contacts in the women's business community led me to Eastern Metal Supply, one of the largest producers of extruded aluminum companies in the south east. I met with the owner, Greg Weeks, to show him the prototype and exchange ideas on how to improve the system. The results are the incredible product we have now. The pans to our system are extruded, which is a much less expensive, more attractive, clean, and precise method of building the system. His company built twelve foot prototypes and allowed me to over see and learn about the extrusion process. It was a ground breaking experience that solved a huge production problem I was facing. I became even more confident in the direction we were headed, success.

P-R-Fect Shelving Solutions offers the perfect solutions to the hassle of rental trucks and shipping organization. We can help prevent chaos in your truck.

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