Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Goal

April 20, 2018  |  P-R-Fect Shelving Solutions

The Goal

Why set a goal if it is not far reaching? A goal should be extraordinary, it should test the boundaries of one's abilities! 

I think most people are afraid to set goals because of the fear or disappointment of not achieving what one has challenged himself with. Our Lord, Jesus Christ said "Why do you fear tomorrow, for you have little control of even the small things in your life?" 

The ultimate and absolute goal for PRFect Shelving Solutions is to make the universal, portable patented shelving system standard equipment for every rental truck built. This includes U-Haul, Budget, Penski, Rider, and Enterprise. This is not an impracticable idea; in fact, it is very practical! 

Why do these trucks not have shelving when it is now an available option to equip each of them with a tool that just about every rental client would use. From the home owner mover, to the giant package delivery companies that rent thousands of them every year-UPS, Fedx, USPS, Amazon, and the retail delivery companies and their contract drivers. The PRF system is a one time purchase that will out last the truck it is placed in, so it can be placed in the next truck that replaces the retired truck. The rental companies will add an accessory to their truck that will bring in added revenue indefinitely. And the users of these trucks will be thrilled to have the use of this back saving tool that will allow the truck to be used more efficiently through the maximization of cargo space. 

I have no reason to fear anything; there are continuous changes in the ever evolving society we exist in that makes ours lives more convenient. PRF Shelving is just another company that happens to be providing one more convenience. Control? I would not have the ability to think if it was not for the mind given to me by God. What do I have control of?

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